Nature's Charm Gift Set

Nature's Charm Gift Set


An amazing scented candle gift set made using our own original fragrances and finished with exquisitely eye-catching artwork.

Perfect for nature lovers and candle lovers alike, the fragrance style of this set is geared towards neutral, but equally intriguing scents. 

This set contains three candles - each with their own beautiful artwork and signature fragrance.

Our Nature's Charm Candle Gift Set contains the following fragrances:

Nordic Sky - Mint, Lily, Frosted Rose, Icy Eucalyptus and a base note of Winter Wood.

Thunderstorm - Wet Leaves, Freshly Fallen Rain and base note of Patchouli.

Cider Festival - warming Spiced Apple, Tart Berry and base note of hand pressed Cider.

Individual Burn Time of up to 25 hours.

Individual Net Wax Weight: 110 grams.

All our candles come with the mandatory burn guidelines and comply with CLP industry standard regulations - always check for this, before you buy any candles.

Always place on a heat resistant surface before burning.

If you need further safety and care information, please feel free to contact us.

Oh yes, before we forget, all our candles are hand poured to add that extra touch of TLC!

Using a vegetable based wax, 100% cotton wicks and fragrances that we design with renowned perfume houses, we work very hard to ensure your gift ticks all the right boxes.

Tin Dimensions: H 7.0cm with a diameter of 5.7cm

Packaging Dimensions: H 7.2cm x W 18.0cm x D 6.0cm

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