Cider Festival Scented Candle

Cider Festival Scented Candle


What better way to compliment your favourite cider or apple dish with our Cider Festival fragrance?

Consisting of a top note of warming Spiced Apple, a Tart Berry heart note, followed up with a base note of hand pressed Cider. Delicious!

Cider Festival is packed with strong apple tones, so this one is great for those who like their candle scents to be very big and bold!

It's light and fruity aroma makes it suitable for any area of the house.

Our scented tins come with metal lids to seal the product. This is ideal if you are including it with other gifts such as clothing or food items.

Also available in a medium and large paint tin style - see more in our store.


- 35 Hour Burn Time

- Dimensions: Diameter 7.5cm X Height 6.0cm

- Net Wax Weight: 165g  

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